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How nice it would be if we pick and drop cargo, infantry personals from a living carrier to other war ships and to land areas. A visual ladder that is drop to help sinking ship.

P.S Any behemoth hello is most well come.
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I would be favor more mutli role Helicopter, like Ka-27 and UH-60 to use at later Point as Troop or Cargo Transport.
And they could adoped as Submarine hunter for me instressting aspect for DCS, after sales now for Helicopters still moderate compared to Jet's i see personaly not any Future for heavy Lifters. So vote for "no"
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I'm not a combat oriented pilot, so, my answer is "yes, yes, yes", but, as people very well said here, we will need some changes and additions to make these beasts useful in the field.
I apologize in advance for any grammatical error or misuse of words, unfortunately my english is not good, but I've been working to improve it. Thank you all.

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To all that think a heavy lifter is useless in DCS... you don't imagine the possibilities:

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I'm in the minority it seems, but I would steer away from heavy lift choppers for now. There really isn't a whole lot for them to do and they don't fit into any of the multiplayer scenarios we have. I'd rather see efforts be directed towards combat aircraft and wait until ED starts to support the sorts of things that heavy lift choppers do by having a working dynamic campaign and drastically improved ground interaction.
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I would buy it if:
(a) it was the Mi-6 OR
(b) it could do something very exciting that my Mi-8 can't do... and I don't consider hauling 10+ tons rather than 3+ tons terribly exciting.

Since neither seems to be the case, I'll vote no.
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Don't see that as a good use of time and resources, it would be 'nice' but there's a thousand other things that would be much more useable and profitable.
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Oh yes
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Originally Posted by Prowler111 View Post
I consider these projects very risky, since there is little to no combat performed by these aircraft, they are basically heavy lifters


PS : I forgot to mention the phrog!
Seeing as DCS is obviously moving away from being a "Pure" combat sim, I believe this sentiment is unfounded. I mean seriously, when DCS: Huey was announced I checked the calendar to see if it was April 1st. Now, I find myself hoping in a Huey when I just wanna "Fly" around for a bit.

There are PLENTY of uses in DCS for the Chinook and CH-53. The Chinook is the CURRENT prime Heavy lift helicopter for both the Army and Navy / Marines. capable of moving significant amounts of personnel and cargo in tactical environment. Its Military missions are exactly the same as the Mi-8 and their civilian uses for fire fighting and construction are if one can exist, the other can exist just as easily.

The MH/CH-53 was used by all three services prior to its retirement particularly during the Vietnam war. Combat Search and Rescue relied heavily on the "Jolly Green Giants" and judging from the number of Medal of Honor recipients from the Search and Rescue community, I'd say they have seen plenty of combat. Combined these facts with with Special Ops Pave Low missions of the 80s and 90s and I'd say there is plenty of justification for BOTH the Jolly Green and Chinook in DCS.


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Thumbs up agree

Originally Posted by airdog View Post
As soon as you are done with either an Apache or a Cobra with a co-op pit you can do whatever you want but not until either one of those are done!
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