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Originally Posted by Victory205 View Post
You left the wings in Auto, period, for air combat. The rest is artificial BS in a training environment. IF some nimrod hit the pass with the wings swept fulyl aft, you could easily tell by the closure rate and attitude as he went by (usually this was attempted when someone was too low on fuel to use AB for the last engagement).

We used to hear F15 drivers talk about how they could tell our energy state from our sweep value, then I'd ask "so what is the wing sweep schedule"? Not one had a clue. OK, "What is the wing sweep value that would preclude a vertical killing move?" Uh, well, um, not really sure there sir...

The problem is that the Tomcat could do a loop from a very low energy state, down to 180 KIAS for the B/D, where the wings would be fully forward. Up to .82 Mach or so, the wings moved very little, a flat curve that didn't say much about velocity. From .8 to .9, they'd sweep fully aft. Anywhere in that regime, there was plenty of energy to extend and leave.

So the whole wing sweep issue is a lot of fighter pilot at the bar bullshit.

Same crap you still hear about the AIM54C. I still have F15 guys try to tell me what the missile could and could not do.

-disclaimer to all here and I'm sure you all know from clicking on my profile- I am not an actual turkeydriver- its just my handle from Delphi forum days.
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