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Default What is the problem with this module?

For some reason this plane is plagued with unresolved problems for a good while now, problems NOT present in 1.5.5 In 1.5.6-8 ADF was not working, now that we have 2.5 is right wheel (random bug), bombs not dropping (random bug) and range knob for the radar (consistent bug present every time). It is a very fun plane to fly but I am forced to leave it aside because of these experience breaking bugs. Can you tell us what the issue is, that we have a worse plane in 2.5 then we did in 1.5.5?
ps: I know that ADF was working in 2.1, I didn't check it again in 2.5, I will just assume it works, but again with F5 you never know
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adf in the f5 is still malarkey, no change what so ever... since 1.5.5 ish...
worked in the 2.1 and 2.2.
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The right main undercarriage wheel not coming down is not much of a problem, since the emergency handle does the trick just fine. I just treat it like a "random failure" :-)
I haven't gotten ADF to work either in 2.5 ...
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