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Originally Posted by 9./JG27 DavidRed View Post
i understand, ED is a russian developer,...but why do i have to jump into a russian spitfire, stare at a red star on the wings isntead of the roundel, listen to russian atc?sure, the russian had very view spitfires as well,...but this aircraft is a masterpiece of english engineering. its probably the most iconic aircraft of ww2, and sure associated with the BRITISH royal airforce.

i know, its not really important,....but would love to have a british spitfire in the quick-missions.
The fact that in the USSR Black Sea Fleet naval aviation was armed with a number of Spitfire V and IX. They fought in this region exactly.

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For all the people that say ED don't care about historical accuracy, well there you go
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Spitfire IX

Soviet Union got 1185 Spitfire IX fighters - almost all were LF IX version and only two were HF IX.

First 6 Spitfires of that type arrived to Basra on April 5th, 1944 aboard s/s "City of Eastborn". Initially planes sent to Soviets were after general repairs but later planes were straight from factory.

Most planes (825) were sent to PVO units. In summer 1944 Spits LF IXC/E were assigned to 26 and 27 GIAP near Leningrad, 16 and 177 IAP PVO near Moscow, 767 IAP near Murmansk and several others.

One Spitfire HF IX was assigned to 16 IAP PVO, where Russian called it "Spitfire 9G"

There is no reports about combat use of Spitfire IX in Russian service.

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I dont understand why buy 1000 spitfire 9 and then never find use for them... They dont fit the soviet front demands of speed at low alt.
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From what I understood the PVO units were dedicated local air defence units - true interceptor units. Which given the Spitfires heritage and limited radius of action makes sense. As you say it's capability at higher altitudes makes it an ideal interceptor of German bombers flying at 10,00ft plus. However...

By the time the Mk.IXs came into service in the PVO, German air offensive operations were limited to tactical actions, very little was going on strategically by day. This combined with the fact that the frontlines were some 100+ km to the west of their bases accounts for the complete lack of action regards their use of Mk.IXs.

It would however have freed up Russian airframes (Yaks 1b, 3 & 9, La5/7) which were far better suited to the low level nature of air-ops on the eastern frontline. 1000 airframes freed for the frontline? Suddenly makes a bit more sense...
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