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Originally Posted by OnlyforDCS View Post
Well I've tested this, and tried to reproduce it. In a prefectly trimmed out level flight, after pulling back on the throttle the plane yaws, to the right. Which is exactly what you would expect to happen with the drop in torque forces, and considering the rudder is trimmed slightly to the right to begin with to negate the torque force from powered flight.
Agreed. Need to cut back on right rudder trim as throttle is pulled back.
So, Spit is yawing to the right as throttle is closed.
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Originally Posted by Alfredson007 View Post
I did a quick research, and i found that in some airplanes the horizontal stabilator can create a positive lift (up-force). (Conventionally it creates a downforce, and when you reduce the throttle, the slipstream of the propeller over the downforcing elevator is reduced, so the nose dives).

IF the spitfire's horizontal stabilator creates a positive lift, when i reduce the throttle, the force pushing the tail UP is reduced and it should indeed result in nose up situation (because the force that used to lift tail up has now decreased). But because reducing throttle causes airspeed to drop too, the plane will lose lift too so that could be the simplified reason why it is either ~stable or even noses up.

Is this what "Pocked Sized" tried to explain? am i on a right track here?
Precisely. The low mounted wing and radiators probably add to it as well.
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