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Default 1:1 IP offered (EMEA times) FoC

Hi folks,

I'm taking on candidates wanting an Instructor Pilot over the Christmas period, Free of Charge, in the Europe, ME and Africa Timezones for the topics at the end of this message. There are no strings attached, my motivation is the enjoyment of others.
Contact via PM to discuss.

You need to have good listening and speaking skills in English, I cannot do any other languages, have a microphone and good connection and your hardware of a suitable spec for the specific topic. The times I will be available are from GMT 1830-2359hrs weekdays and Saturday 0900-2200hrs in two hour slots max, subject to agreement. Your lessons can be recorded (but not live-streamed) for re-use, with agreement.

This is suitable for anyone wanting to cover something specific, general or tailored as a one-off delivery, or a course.

I can deliver in the following areas (Western Methodologies) and can make up tailored courses including parts or items not listed:

  • DCS: World, the application itself, hardware, peripherals, key-binds, multi-monitor, VR adaptation, 3rd party tools and addons, modding, comms, 'Your first Multiplayer experience', what to look for in a good multiplayer squadron and the expectations.
  • Scripting, basic Lua, MOOSE, Advanced Mission Editor, Mission creation, DCS miz file manipulation, tips and tricks for reducing time spent and workflows.
  • General Aviation - Fixed Wing, 'Western avionics' navigation (TACAN, ADF, NDB) Basic comms, Airfield ops
  • RADAR theory, Radar in DCS (the sim under the hood), ECM (where applicable)
  • Carrier Ops - Fixed Wing, Brevity and procedure, use of scripts, training practice and especially using MOOSE Airboss module to improve
  • Flight Leader, Wingman/Lead duties, Flight planning, Mission planning, Risk management, Package planning, Threat avoidance, Formations, FENCE and Ops checks, scanning, turns (Tac, Hook, cross etc)
  • BVR - By the P-825 CNATRA public doc and the Korean F-16 AF public unclass, Timeline, Brevity, Practice sets, Adversary, how to train others (IP), theory. No PvP or undocumented/restricted stuff, but we can work on gameplans and discuss adversary tactics and undocumented well known tactics. (I'm not going into intercept mechanics)
  • WVR - up to 1v1 only I'm afraid. SEM is too complex and too hard for VR. This is mainly practice and how to improve by review on Tacview, and improve comms flows like AREO calls. Quite theory heavy.

Most of these topics I have already delivered in large multiplayer virtual squadrons.

I can do more basic deliveries on the following which are areas I'm not as strong, for beginners:
  • CAS, SCAR, SEAD, Weapons Director +use of LotATC.

These topics have constraints due to the behaviour of DCS (SEAD has to be heavily scripted to approximate something in reality) or the numbers of required people (agency work like AWACS, JTAC). These topics I'm not as strong in, so, basic level only.

Modules: I have all the combat based modules and the L-39 (JF-17 inbound), however, 1:1 teaching on 'how to operate X module' is an individual experience that I do not feel is a good use of shared time. I will make an exception for one module and that is the JF-17. I have a hankering to make an aggressor squadron out of that plane and I'd be available, with agreement, to work through a combat assessment and trials.

The objective of this is to get people interested in the deeper parts of combat flight simulation and get more people online flying. I'm especially targeting new players, or older experienced players flying offline. I'm not looking to supplement existing online players or squadrons as a 'buddy', although I'll consider any proposal if it's in the same vein, i.e groups of friends trying to break into something a bit more challenging. I'm not seeking another group at this time to fly with.

This is a sincere proposal.
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Nice offer mate.

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That's how this forum roles

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It's Christmas
I've ended up with 10 hours of teaching Lua so far, would appreciate some stick time please !!!
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That was very kind of you Pikey, wish i still lived in Southern England, but the wife made me move so i could pop round to gather some of your knowledge. i do get to Bisley now and then, that's closest i get to my old stomping ground now. This forum is great.
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beginner noob advice help, instructor, lessons, tutor

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