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The biggest question is, what are you looking to get out of a module? If you're looking for something that is simple and easy to play around with then it's the right choice. It can also challenge you quite a bit and make you a better pilot.
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If you're new to DCS then I'd definitely recommend it. It's a great trainer aircraft. "Simple" controls, pretty quick startup procedure... it feels complete to me. I enjoy flying it. Works great in VR with the interactive cockpit. If you want all the whiz bang gadgets though, it doesn't have them, and it is not really powerful compared to the Viper, for instance.

If you're an experienced DCS person then you might think twice. Depends on what you're looking for. I agree with many of the other posts.
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It's cheap, it's fun, easy to learn but hard to master.

From a simpler and more honourable time when pilots would look each other in the eye whilst trying to kill each other.

For PVP there is always
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The F-5's value to me is that it's a very manual, analog jet with nothing to compensate for poor airmanship or planning. I consider it a trainer, like its unarmed counterpart the T-38, for maintaining pure stick-and-rudder skills, e.g. scanning outside instead of relying on the HUD, trimming in the pitch axis, maintaining coordinated rudder. For actual combat, I don't recommend it.
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If you dont have the Viggen, buy that aircraft instead! Super fun module to learn. And same era, and i would say alot more fun weapons to play with. :-)
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F5 will teach you to fly right, Nothing compares to the feeling of hitting your targets with a bomb pass done right. Or going low and fast on an Iron Hand mission. It's tricky to fly and you will have to rely on GCI or AWACS a lot but it teaches you to fly fast and hard and to keep your energy. I spent a lot of time in it and probably spend more time in it. F5 will receive some more content soon
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The F-5 is where I go for fun (if I'm not in an I-16 or something else with the egg beater in front). Tired of playing the piccolo and watching a computer do the work? Just need a break? Set the wheel chocks, apply ground air, and burn some holes in the sky.

This was my first module (I have them all) and still my goto if all I want to do is fly. F-86 is a close second, but the engine is almost as temperamental as an F-14A. The F5 is for flying.
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I always considered the F-5 to be a sort of "Sunday driver". When I am not in the mood to actually fly a mission and just tool around, the F-5 fits the bill nicely since it is so pleasant and responsive.

That being said. If I want to fly a mission and actually accomplish a task, the F-5 isn't going to be my first choice. It is a reasonably capable light bomber and can be used in that capacity in a mission but its lack of refueling capability and its lack of speed when carrying a combat load make it a difficult plane to take over something like the Viggen or the Hornet. When you build missions with a eye towards realistic transit times and the like, the F-5's short legs get VERY short indeed.

As a little sports car that one can fool around with in its own isolated environment (perhaps with some carefully chosen foes to shoot down), it can be a ton of fun. Anything beyond that gets tricky to say the least.
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I see the F5 as the next step up from an L-39ZA or C101CC. It has simple radar, counter measures and is faster and more agile than those other two. It would be a natural progression in training. However, many people approach DCS the opposite way, starting with the most sophisticated fighters and working backwards down the training, so to speak.

One other point, is that, if you like campaigns, there are two available for sale for the F5, which are the Air Combat Manoeuvres and Basic Flight Manoeuvres. (Note that both of those need the NTTR map too).
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Become an expert at a few airframes you love over being half-ass at all of them. Do you get satisfaction from any other aircraft that you could fly for hours? BTW, the Tomcat belongs on a stick or in a museum if you ask me...side note. Seriously, the F-5 can be a very fun jet to fly and master if you want.
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