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Default F86 Nose Wheel Steering

Here is how the nosewheel works in the Sabre.

With the nose wheel steering off, the nose wheel is free-castering. That means it is free to rotate. To use the nose wheel in this mode, simply apply power until the jet starts to move.

Once you are rolling, tap the toe brake on the side you want to turn towards and the nose wheel will turn a bit in that direction. Several taps may be required for tight turns.

The key is to keep moving while doing this. If you try to apply full brake on one side and then try to move the nose wheel will turn completely backwards (This may not happen on DCS but I have seen it in real life. I have had to shut the airplane (not a Sabre but just as old) down and get out the tow bar to straighten the nose wheel back out).

The nose wheel steering on the F-86 also has some specific limitations. The first is that the nosewheel angle must be less than 21 degrees or the steering will not arm.

Again, start rolling forward and make sure your feet are off the pedals before you press the nose wheel steering switch.

I find that any pressure on the toe brakes will prevent the nose wheel steering from activation.

If the jet is doing something you don't like, it is always good policy to get off the controls to see if it is pilot induced. This applies in the air and on the ground.
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Go to special tab in options then switch realistic nose wheel steering ON.
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One thing to add is that if your nosewheel is not previously centered (for example because you used differential brakes), holding the nose wheel steering button isn't going to do anything until you 'catch the wheel', that is, move the rudder to where the wheel is pointing while holding the button. It will then catch on and let you steer normally. Of course this only works if the nosewheel is initially within the limits of the NWS system; if it isn't you have to use your breaks to get it back in range first.
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Do you mean the left and right separate brakes? I was also looking for a nose wheel steering switch or something on the throttle or panel last night I got the F86 last night and don't remember even buying it. Did they give it away for a trial? It also now lists the Nevada test range but gives me a message for no key for that upon game loading. Like it does for Blackshark 2. I had bought the original Blackshark 1 on disc but never tried to install it on new computer so I don't know why it gives the Blackshark 2 message. And it won't let me click buy on the F86 campaign.

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^ The steering button is located on the stick grip, so it might not be visible right away.

You've got F-86, because now it's Sabre's turn for a two-day free trial. It ends today.

Trial for Nevada map ended on sunday, that's probably the reason for the message you're getting.

Generally trial modules do not uninstall themselves automatically, you've got to do it yourself.
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I absolutely love the sabre as its just a very fun aircraft to manually fly. Easily one of the best purchases Ive made in DCS. If you want to make things easy on you when it comes to nosewheel steering is just to hold the button down until you can spin the nose around then disconnect it while taxiing and then use your toe brakes to fine steer.
To activate the steering command you press S. The aircraft has to have a little bit of power applied for the signal to generate so you need to be above idle.
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