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Gaz multi crew is sadly very bugged as I have found in MP

I pilot, spool up engine ready to take off, my friend in co-pilot seat seeing not rotors even moving

Would love multi crew in mi-8, would be epic
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They really do need to make this work, because it will multiply the number of people buying modules quite a bit.

Helicopters are harder to learn and master in DCS than fixed wing AC.

If you could have someone in the cockpit talking you through doing stuff, e.g. "you're about to hit VRS, start pulling some collective, NOW."

It would make learning so much easier and more realistic. This will attract more people to the experience.

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because it will multiply the number of people buying modules quite a bit.
Not necessarily, given that the vast majority do SP only. According to statistics, multiplayers are a small minority of the total in any gaming genre. Not saying that they shouldn't do this though and I'd certainly use it with my buddies too, but the SP contingent is the majority still and that is where the money is.
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Multicrew Mi-8 -and all helos actually- would be very welcome indeed. I love the Hip and so do others in our squad -so MP helo ops would be popular -just so long as they work reliably of course.

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LOVE!!!!!! ED/TFC/Matt please enhance the multiseat heli experience!
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