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Default DCS: Syria Map – Hind Over Latakia

Pre-order now and save 30% from https://www.digitalcombatsimulator.c...syria_terrain/

Coming Summer August/September 2020 based on testing

In this special preview video of the Syria map for DCS World, we’re excited to also show off the Mi-24P HIND cockpit for the first time in a video. While still very much work in progress, we hope you enjoy this early look.

To showcase it, we’ll be taking off from Bassel Al Asad airbase, that serves as Russia’s primary base of operations in Syria. From there, we’ll fly north to the city of Latakia and perform some road security along the way to visit a Russian naval task force doing a port call at the port of Latakia.

We hope you enjoy!

Thank you
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Oh my... this looks so incredibly beautiful!!

And oh my... I'm so afraid my VR framerates will be destroyed
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Originally Posted by sirrah View Post

And oh my... I'm so afraid my VR framerates will be destroyed
I hope not and performance will be so good like on PG map, not worse :0.

@Matt, Maestro, nice video and details, wow:

Garbage store ?
Nice to see the most anticipated module for this year - Hind! I cant wait too!
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Cannot wait for both.

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i hope the annoying popup of the small bushes and the sudden appearances of the shadows can be fixed? On the PG map , i have deleted the bushes as i find them ugly when they appear suddenly .......

great map !
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