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Default [INVESTIGATING] Dora wingmen lack of tactical sophistication

The Dora wingmen are kindof driving me crazy. I'd love to boom and zoom with them but they end up turn fighting with everything. In a 4v4 fight in which I lead a group of D9's on excellent vs. a group of spitfires on normal which start lower and slower than us I cannot figure out any combination of commands that prevents the D9 pilots from turning with and being 100% destroyed by the spitfires. I can't even get them to follow me, within a certain range of the spitfires they engage even without orders and will not respond to any command I give. I would love to have them re-join with me at higher altitude but again once the fight starts there appears to be no calling them off. The first part of this problem I know will be very difficult to solve as it would require a significant re-work to the ai, but if I could even just have the dora's disengage and re-form on me rather than fighting to the death that would be helpful. Thanks!
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Tactics have sadly never been a thing for AI units in any sim so far.
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Originally Posted by ACG_IronJockel View Post
Tactics have sadly never been a thing for AI units in any sim so far.
Sad but true.

For the AI there is a simple hierarchy of what beats what, no matter the skill level you set:

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AI combat routines were being "re-written" at some point according to a news item from ED last year (November?) however we've not had any update on this now in 7 months...

For now, there's basically nothing you can do about this apart from just wait . . . for an unspecified amount of time until the routines are updated.
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I'll ask about this, I know I have seen AI doing all sorts of crazy acrobatics, so you would think they could be made to Boom and Zoom, even if we had to order them to.
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