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Default Shenyang J-11 Air superiority 104th Phoenix server.

Got myself some time in je J-11. Got a reasonable amount of sorties and kills before i perished by Russian tech. A G** dam MIG-29 Fulcrum with ET's. I was under the impression they had none. So my death was swift and clean.
It's a pretty long watch.. But i like to show raw gameplay on an average system.

PLA Air Force Fighter Sweep.
Chinees Air Force Slogan: Without Air Defense there is no National Defense. \ 無空防即無國防
Mission Success: Kills 8 \ 5 sorties. \ KIA
Server: 104th Phoenix

Faction: China \ Iran \ Russia
Mission: Defend Allied Iranian territory by all means necessary.
Airbase: Bandar Abbas International Airfield.
Enemy faction: NATO \ And apparently they had a MIG-29. Was not expecting ET's at all.

Plane: 沉陽J-11
kills: 5x F/A-18C Hornet, 2x, F-15C Eagle, 1x MIG-29G Fulcrum
Pilot: WinchesterDelta1 Killed in Action.
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