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That's what still tricks many glider pilots - the outside spin - specially on the turn to final...

In gliders this is actually the most common consequence of entering an ( unexpected ) spin during a turn, at low speed / high AoA.

I notice it in both the D-9 and the A-3 and A-5 models ( of another sim I also use ).

What I find great about all ww2 aircraft in DCS is the modelling of static pitch stability. Once perturbed in pitch, they don't instantly return to the initial pitch / AoA as being tied by rubber band to their flight path.

OTOH, I find the prop effects at low speeds / higher AoA in the D-9 strangely "effective". Whenever I takeoff in the Dora ( but the same applies for instance to the P51d, and somehow the Spitfire too, the 109 K-4 being the only exception ) the aircraft wobbles, it's longitudinal axis describing a spiral, until it gains considerable speed. Takeoffs must be performed at shallow angles to avoid this effect.

The same applies when configured for landing. Any tiny thurst adjustment creates this moments that translate into that clockwise "wobbling"....

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Absolutely. Coming from PPL in Cessna 172 with<200hp where engine torque was only a factor on take-off roll, which could be corrected with a little right rudder: to these beasts with nearly 2000hp was a real eye opener. Managing yaw and attitude on throttle change is the critical skill to flying these planes
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"piano from the 7th floor"

I have experienced this effect at my first few landing trainings with the dora in DCS so I guess this effect has been perfectly simlulated because it exactly feels like a "piano from the 7th floor".

I have just watched this interview for the first time but I have to say when he talks about the landing and takeoff about his real experience with this plane its like he is talking about how the dora works I have flown in the past few days in DCS. Nice interview it was very entertaining.

Well done!

edit: where is the part 2?
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