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Default Ammo, and vehicle damage

I noticed the Leopard 1A3 recently.. and unless i'm having a brain fart i don't recall it being there, anyways i drove it out as a quick test against a T-90, and firing AP at it, it does nothing (as expected) and the AP rounds in slow motion look like a version of HEAT-FS rounds. So i tried out the HE round, which.. killed the T-90 in one shot, i noticed this with all tanks, the HE will always be a guaranteed kill, and in slow motion it looks like a standard shell. Just an observation and i'm wondering if this is a bug, or a mechanic not properly implemented yet.
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Leopard 1 has been in sim for a long time.

As for AP vs HE rounds, unfortunately this too has been the case in the sim for a long time. Another thing in the damage models to fix.

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The damage model runs on a fairly simple hit points based system. The tanks have facings, front, rear, top, left, and right but there's no differentiation between armored and soft targets other than the number of hit points.

Meaning if you have enough ammo, you can take out a T72 or Leopard with an M-16 or AK-74.

In addition, in order to somewhat mimic the blast and shrapnel effects on soft targets at one point most or all HE round and warheads were given larger radii and higher damage numbers.

Combine those two traits and you get HE being more effective against Armor than AP.

ED knows that this model is deficient, but with things like a new graphics engine, Nevada and Hormuz maps, collisions for trees, new aircraft, flight model updates, Naval ops, etc., etc. redoing the damage modelling system for ground units and then redoing all of the data for ground units in the new system is not that close to the top of the priority list.

I'm sure they hope to improve on it. Some day.
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Click image for larger version

Name:	DCSW-装甲模型.png
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tank hull armour scheme, turret armour scheme is similar to hull

For a flight sim, it's good enough.
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