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Hi all

please remember the forum rules before posting, and above all, just be nice to each other.

This thread has nearly run it course, let see if we can keep it on topic.

Thank you
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@ BIGNEWY You are right of course and tbh it's serving no useful purpose now.
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Originally Posted by Tippis View Post

You're confusing me for you. I want it both ways; you apparently do not. I have explained how you can create all kinds of interesting shades because I understand that there are myriads of ways to engage with this game — what works for me might not work for others, but that's fine because I can mix and match what I like and they can mix and match what the like. There's no conflict; no black-and-white distinction; no opposition between these different routes one could choose to take.

Just because you only want one way to exist doesn't mean that others do not or that there are only two irreconcilable options to forever side with.

…and those tutorials could be vastly improved with more learning tools, similar to what has been implemented for the other parts of the game.

Well good. That settles it, then. You have nothing to really object to, and only have abuse to try to bolster your lack of a point. We already knew you were not trying to win an argument by the fact that you chose to instantly lose; to not actually offer any argument of your own; to only be pointlessly hostile.

That's a very good argument in favour of implementing all kinds of helpers to improve learning in all aspects of the game. It lets us do things that wouldn't be possible in reality, and we can take advantage of this fact to make things easier to learn or to just be entertaining for its own sake — this is pretty much the point of all simulations.

For quite some time. It was ages ago that it happened so I have no idea when it became possible.
I just know that it was the end result of my first successful hookup. Well… successful in the sense that I was hooked up to the tanker, and stayed hooked up for a good 5 minutes. Less successful in the sense that the part that was hooked up wasn't the receptacle but the cockpit glass (and pilot head) and apparently, since the tanker AI isn't exactly realistic, it was close enough to a good position that the boom operator just kept it there.

You know that thing they keep saying about not staring at the boom…
Again, you missed the point entirely, like so many others! Do as you please, no ones stopping you. I guess I like a challenge as opposed to the easy way!

Cheat away!

And since you are good at dissecting what I said and failed, focus!I don't care about cheats and handicaps. I don't control you or anyone else as you eluded to.

You said I object. Let me be clear, I do not! I just think it's a weak and very lame way of doing things. But if it makes you feel better at night, then so be it. How does it feel to know everyone else climbed the wall, and you ran around it?

Yes, this has run it's course. I'm out! If you felt any of this was hostile, then you have a lot to learn because that was nothing! It actually made me laugh that you would even use the word!

Now I see who I'm dealing with here. All I needed to know!

Peace bro
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Originally Posted by Gregkar View Post
I know it has been asked before but ED told me to reopen a new thread. I think we REALLY need an easy AAR option. It is easily the hardest part of DCS.

To those who will start raging: "This is a simulator!! not a game!!" i say: ask ED to remove easy comms, arcade flight model, active pause, immortal cheat, start airplane cheat, unlimited fuel, unlimited ammo, hide stick, auto align a/c to catapult etc...

Yes we need an easy AAR option. Because actual state is easy one. If you uncheck it, it will add the wake turbulence disturbance to the boom.

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Originally Posted by Jackjack171 View Post
You said I object. Let me be clear, I do not!
Let's actually be clear: you're setting up a false dichotomy to try to disparage an improvement to the game.

You objected vehemently, aggressively, and abusively, to having it be demonstrated to you what made this a false dichotomy. You had no way of actually backing your view up or addressing the points being made, and even admitted as much, and instead just doubled down on the very fallacies that proved how weak your stance was.

I don't care about cheats and handicaps.
This is very clearly not the case. Just look at how you reacted to the suggestion that some be implemented and to the explanation of how it would not only be in line with the kind of learning tools that already exist within the game, but also would improve the game in a number of critical ways with no real downsides. Read your own posts and the tone and stance you chose to use in them.

Now I see who I'm dealing with here.
Someone with an actual argument and who you therefore lost to, immediately.

Next time, try having something relevant to say; try engaging with the points being made; try having an actual real argument of your own.

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