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Originally Posted by Casimir06 View Post
I'm having a weird situation with version where even when I'm not running SRS at all I'm still seeing the DCS-SRS Client in-game window. It will show the familiar:

No Radio Connected
Connect to SRS Server and
start or join a mission
I've checked Task Manager and DCS-ClientRadio.exe isn't running, and checking all through the running programs doesn't show anything that looks like any SRS related driver or program. Is this normal, or is this some kind of setting somewhere?

EDIT: As with Ciribob above, I can close the window with the Cntrl + left shift + ESC keys... but my question is why it still appears at all if I'm not running SRS.
That window is native to DCS - it's drawn regardless of SRS running as it doesn't know if SRS is running
Originally Posted by ricktoberfest View Post
Any reason why my mic output options are always overwritten back to nothing each time I close the client? Input seems to stay ok and all my other settings save, even when I manually changed the config file it erased it after closing the client
Try launching SRS directly without a shortcut from where you installed it. Maybe working directory issue?

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Originally Posted by Ciribob View Post
That window is native to DCS - it's drawn regardless of SRS running as it doesn't know if SRS is running

Ahh. I did not know that. I'd never seen it before using SRS so that was the logical conclusion barring any other info.

Thank you.
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One of the things I noticed since the last update is that I am not getting the Tx and Rx click sounds now.

I am going to try and uninstall and reinstall to see if that corrects the issue. Not sure why that had broken though.
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It would be very useful for me to "delay time while slowing down"
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I've just recently set up SRS, and the only thing that I cannot get working are the presets. I've put a text file in the Simple Radio root directory (in this case, called 'r828.txt' and filled it with a couple of frequencies for use with the Su-25. I've tried other radios, on other airplanes as well. However, I've not been able to get SRS to read these files to populate the presets.

What could I be doing wrong?
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