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Originally Posted by oldma8 View Post
Hi All,
Are there any forums regarding why the swap from steam to standalone may be a good idea? I play DCS through steam because I use Oculus VR. I have a few modules (F18 Hornet, Spitfire, Normandy and Persian Gulf modules) in steam and a huey in standalone.

Anyone know if I can use VR through the standalone version? cheers in advance Fish
we have new thread about it weekly, search "steam vs standalone" etc (but be prepared for heavy bias towards standalone since its standalone forum mostly)
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Originally Posted by oldma8 View Post
Hi All,

Anyone know if I can use VR through the standalone version? cheers in advance Fish
Yes, standalone can run Oculus natively without needing either Steam VR or Oculus Home (IIRC) so you eliminate having another program open in the background hogging precious system resources

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Thanks for doing this, I had lots of steam purchases and always wanted to move over to standalone for more control and earlier releases.

I transferred everything in anticipation of getting the new mig I must have jinxed the release.
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Does anyone know if more modules will be available to transfer from steam to stand-alone? My steam installation is down and I cannot reinstall it successfully (after two attempted 3 day-long downloads). I have a number of modules like the L39, Huey, Gazelle, MiG-15, Bf109K, 190d9, and especially the F-5E that I would really like to transfer over.
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There are some infrastructure changes with steam versions, the executable has to be tied with the steam API, and steam has to generally be running, and other behavioral differences, there is integration of steam features into the executable, however it can be disabled, but all management has to be done through steam's GUI too, not saying it's lacking in features, but diversity and good old PC traditions help to offset the digitalized world of entertainment.

The new keyless system seems natively baked in with the game and doesn't have such an impact besides ofcourse enforcing the licenses, it's not like the 3rd-party of that system runs or provides services for DCS.

I very much hope the best for the future of standalone, sure I have other games on steam which I prefer, but I wouldn't want to have everything on steam, let alone a serious game/simulator like this.
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I registered my starforce keys of fc3, f5 and combined arms bought through steam on the standalone version, so I think you can use the old method for steam modules with starforce, like I did, and the new method with the keyless steam modules. At the end, every module bought on steam Can Be transfered to standalone.
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