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Originally Posted by cptmrcalm View Post
Guys. Simulations are all about immersion. I’m an old fart and I like to be immersed...
But for me, I’d want something significant to what we have already.
If I can park up on an elevator and use the radio to be lowered down into the hanger bay – even if just to roll forward off the ramp to bring up the escape menu – then I’m in.
(I don’t ever think I’ve seen that before in any flight sim?)...

Because that would be immersive. A celebratory end to a mission. To help put into perspective the flight I just had. To add to the immersion that the ship is alive with a hive of activity.
Wow. I’d be in...

But heck. If they don’t implement them, then opportunity missed and ill probably pass. Depending on its other features...

As someone further back in the thread put:
“f I’m paying that much money i want elevators and hangar honestly down the road, if not at release

Its meant to be supercarrier not lazy implementation carrier.”

I couldn't agree more... I don't want just a crew on deck. I want to feel like the carrier's a living and breathing module with many moving parts. I like what they did with the Stennis, but I don't want a slightly improved version of it.
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