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Originally Posted by Wilbus View Post
I'm not sure what you are getting this from. Either you don't know how to optimize your PC or you are trying to run the game in some other kind of weird way.

I built my PC in late 2014, Intel i5 4690k (not overclocking it), 16gb DDR3 memory and a Geforce 970. I'm recently upgraded to the 1080 thanks to a friend changing his to a 2080.

I'm running the game at 1080p (I have a screen optimized for photo editing and those 4k screens with those panels are still crazy expensive). Other than 1080p, which is resolution enough, I am running almost everything at full settings except for MSAA and offline, in a busy environment the frame rates are close to 100. Online, in busy environments it can drop to around 45-50 (full server and large missions). This is still enough to play the game smoothly most of the time and it's quite rare.

Now, my 2014 computer is even to be considered bellow average by todays standards and I have no issues running DCS, none at all. The game is made with the average computer in mind and certainly sub 6k without an issue.

If you are talking pure VR on the highest settings that yes, you're gonna have a harder time but then again, there are few VR headsets optimized for it and the game hasn't caught up with VR either, but then again neither has any other games. If you compare the complexity of pure VR games with the large world, details and effects of DCS those games are nowhere near as demanding.

Seriously though, if VR is the real issue for you saying that the game isn't made for an average PC, you need to look at the average gamer and consumer. The average guy/gal don't have VR either as the price alone for the headset is around what many people would spend on a computer alone, and that computer would be able to run DCS.

I've had DCS for many years (I bought my first module, Black Shark, in October 2009) but only very recently I've gotten really in to the sim and spent time in it. I've spent more time in it the past two months then I have over the past 10 years before.

While I can understand your feelings towards it, I've seen it many times before, in my self among others, specially with the online game called Aces High. To be honest, the problem lies more with you (or my self at the time) and less with the game/sim. It sounds to me you've had a game burn out.

When I really started flying DCS a lot now I promised my self one thing, fly it/play it for what it is now, not for what you think it can become, or will be, or hope to be. If you FEEL a module is off, accept it unless you can show hard solid evidence of it being wrong. Chose the parts to appeal to you still, find a good squadron and friends to do real, tactical missions with. Wanna air quake for a while? Go ahead but don't do it expecting it to be realistic.

The minute you get frustrated with a game is the minute you need to take a break.

If your frustrations stem from mostly lack of high quality high FPS VR gaming, you need to take a step back and look at average people with average money to spend. VR is likely not a priority to bring people in the sim. One of the biggest reaons I've stayed away from VR is just that, I know the technology isn't there yet. It's not there to challenge 2d flying and those graphics. It's got other advantages for sure but not enough to weigh up for loosing that much resolution, details and viewing distance and I know I can't afford to upgrade the computer AND buy a very high end VR headset.

Good post. I might be suffering from DCS burnout. Switching to VR golf on PS4.
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Originally Posted by Paco View Post
Good post. I might be suffering from DCS burnout. Switching to VR golf on PS4.
It might not be a bad idea actually

Been there, done that, a brain dead game or something else brain dead often helps getting back and enjoying something else for what it is.
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