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Just want to give some data.
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2.5.5. Runs GREAT! Cannot live without VR

2.5.6. Is big drop in frames. Can’t use at all.

Hope this helps a little and please keep up the incredible work!
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Originally Posted by Gryzor View Post
1-. Its the only product in market (sadly).
2-. They don´t have (or at least, it seems) any control about source code (confirmed in reddit due "spagetti"code).
3-. Sales in EA due most users (if not, all) don´t have any others sim options in the market. In december´2019, I was very happy to see new items like new clouds, vulkan, etc... now, I have lost all faith and hopes in ED, that really helps in growing&improving the sim. Many promises, many announcements, with no results. Patch after patch, at least the last 2 years, are a cumulative of errors & broking items, without fixes.
1.) Luckily, ED is on the market with this product. Otherwise we had no "wet boy dream satisfaction" from time to time (most of the time to be honest).
2.) I think so too, but I am sure they will stick together all their heads, and use them (and some efforts ...) to re-work or re-build things in order to have it work (again). They got the message from the comunity (IMHO) to be more accurate, and more careful with what they deliver.
Latest 2.5.5 OB works not that bad ... but in terms of quality control 2.5.6 I have to ask some questions, which are asked in the forums 100 times.
From time to time ... YES, ... the one or other "super-long-lasting" bug from years ago makes me go through the roof ... thinking of "WHY THE HELL IS THIS BUG STILL EXISTENT??? WHY DOES NO ONE CARE???"
But the other day things come down again, and I fly an aircraft in VR having good background music over Caucasus, and everything is fine again. Until I start creating missions again and test them ...
My fault.

To sum up: ED, please go for quality, not quantity!

BTW: Flaming cliffs aircraft mostly run super smooth, but F-16 ... oh my dear ... picture is wobbling around like hell (fly in VR ...)
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