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Hard to find links telling you not to do some random action!
Could you find a link to tell you not to delete the main DCS folder?
As I said, deleting those DCS folders relates only to those who are installing the shaders mod.
I’ll leave you to it now.
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I will post in the thread I linked to see if I get an answer..

I got a responce and it was part of the shader mod reccomendation NOT to do after a cleanup and repair.. I will see If I can find the Shader mod thread.. so sorry to reccoemnd something not needed.. I will note for further reference..

thnak you
Stay Safe.
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Originally Posted by imacken View Post
That’s not advice, it’s just one guy, or maybe two, mixing things up. One of these useless tips that starts moving around just because one person mentions it.
Aka 99% of the tech advice in the VR forum.
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Originally Posted by imacken View Post
That’s not advice, it’s just one guy, or maybe two, mixing things up. One of these useless tips that starts moving around just because one person mentions it. Not good to delete DCS install files. Makes no difference, anyway, to performance.
Yup. I've never seen any difference with deleting those files and letting them rebuild. The only time you have to do it is when you use the shaders mod. I think we can classify this one as an urban legend...in the same vein as erroneous posts, later recanted, involving "finding the Holy Grail of performance" by setting the WMR refresh rate to 60Hz, or telling people that Steam VRs Motion Smoothing is automatically enabled on WMR headsets.
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The only purpose of deleting the dcs folders folders under each terrain, is to force a recompile with different shader settings, the people providing this advice, are not actually understanding the context in which the original advice was provided. If you are using the shaders mod, then removing those dcs folders under maps allows the shaders mod to work. Otherwise it has no impact other than increasing your start up time.

Deleting fxo and Metashaders2 under saved games, may have a benefit, but mostly it’s just a hygiene thing, it has little or no intrinsic perf benefit on its own, but it can remove some graphic artefacts that happen occasionally when you up grade or change some of the settings.

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