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Default MH-60 Black Hawk ?

Just wondering if Poly has considered making one or several of the Black Hawk family?

it seems to me there is two generations of cockpit, the first original with steam gauges and vertical tape indicators, and a round black and white attitude indicator, and a new full glass MFD setup for the MH series and the next generation of Hawks.

I'd like to see a basic UH-60 for general operatos and sling loads.

Also an MH-60 DAP for commando raid missions. This is likely to soon be armed with the Israeli Spike anti-armor weapon, TV guided to 25km range.

or Pave Hawk for CSAR and so on, able to refuel from the KC-130 using the probe

I know that this would be a long way off, but just wondering if it's been considered!

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Ya 60 would be nice. Lots would buy itt, maybe even a navy version for carriers. I would prefer a Chinook though .
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MH-60 DAP and HH-60G would be an absolute dream in DCS. I'd settle for a bog standard UH-60L also.

It would surely be an immensely popular module so I hope DCS/Belsimtek or any 3rd party Dev picks this up in the next couple of years!
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Who ever makes the chinook or blackhawk will have tremendous sales, just sayin
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Chinook fan here!
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The Kiowa is not even outside and there is already (again) waffling over the next possible module ... nothing more comes to mind.
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Remember when they hinted at the Kiowa too early? Don't expect them to do that again, at least not anytime soon.
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This is way in the future certainly, but it would be a shame if we didn't see an H-60 variant, as well as an H-47 variant, in some form or fashion.

Personally I'm privy to the CH-46!
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I think a lot of people either forget or don't understand how this works. They have to have a licensing agreement before they produce an H-60 variant. I'm sure they would love to just make it and throw it out, however, they have to get the correct permissions before doing so. Unfortunately, it isn't as easy as saying hey we are going to do this.
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We are an indipendent company. We do not have to ask anybody how we choose to invest. Sure we would try to solve certain things prior, but sometimes that is not possible for what ever reason. But it is probably nothing the community has to bother about.
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