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Very nice and interesting pictures !!

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Yes, Smotr is one hell of a tv-show, man if I need to know something and watch it for ~20 min, I learn more than a day worth of Discovery/NG. Also it's nice to see a journalist/presenter that actually cares about the subjects he covers. I'm a bit ashamed that I don't know that guy's name, but I suck with names anyway. Plus, he shares all of his findings and footage with the rest of the world, also for Russian speakers outside Russia. And that all for free, with no pesky flash based movie windows. The shows are quite professional and also shows criticism towards the Russian military (sometimes). Voennoje Delo and Smotr are the kind of TV I like, they actually do shoot something in there. Kind of like Future Weapons, which is great too, as it shows the latest wartech the US/Israel/UK has to offer, I'm still drooling over the Starstreak footage. Then there was a feature on some missile that did a nice corckscrew just after launch.
I like shows where they blow up stuff, but with some meaning to it, and some background info, not that retarded Brainiac stuff.
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Give me "flying telephone pole" (SA-2)!

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Учения Тыла ВС РФ "Крыло-2007" https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ohTzYl_APMU
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