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+1 for a CH-47 !
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Rogue Trooper
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There is always a strong argument for choppers that can hang heavy with weapons, but ultimately this restricts us to US and Russian airframes.
There is just so much more richness and advancement out there in the world when it comes to chopper development.... much much more!

For me the DCS engine is becoming something quite special in the chopper Sim arena.
I would never have guessed that I would love a chopper for its logistics capabilities.... but I do. perhaps it is the new graphics engine.

Once DCS becomes an online persistent dynamic campaign where ground forces/combined arms becomes a critical force as it is in any true to life war.... then machines like the Chinook will be understood as the saviours of war.

+1 for the Chinook!

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I'm trying to purchase it right now but I can't find the coin slot in my computer!!!!!
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Add another for a Chinook. I would buy one in a heartbeat.

Sure shes not a gunship or bristling with weapons, ( well apart from the ac-47 guns a go go variants that were built during the Vietnam war ), but she would still be amazing fun, from troop movements, to large sling loads and medivac missions, she’s a fantastic all rounder.

Personally, I find gunships fun, but I get a hell of a lot more satisfaction flying unarmed Hueys into hot LZs or sling loading a tricky load to a tight mountaintop.

Maybe one day our dream will come true. DCS is certainly the best home for helicopter simulation by far.


Fighter pilots make movies, Attack pilots make history, Helicopter pilots make heros.

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"...... but ultimately this restricts us to US and Russian airframes.
There is just so much more richness and advancement out there in the world when it comes to chopper development.... much much more!"

I hate to be this guy, but if the world has so much more to offer then why is it only the US and Russia who have heavy lift helicopters? you kinda contradicted yourself there.....
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I am personally waiting for UH-60 (Lima, Mike, or whatever really). Having that AND Chinook would be even better
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Chinook would be cool to have, love the look and sound of them
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Originally Posted by Kang View Post
Well played sir...Well played!

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So Belsimtek????
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Conrex1, Heck yeah! A Belsimtek CH-47 Chinook, or even a Belsimtek CH-46 Sea Knight, would be a really fantastic DCS World Helicopter module. A Belsimtek Chinook is a great suggestion, Conrex1. A Chinook would be a lot of fun. MJ P.S. Since Belsimtek made the Mig-15 and F86, I would also love to see a Belsimtek Bell H-13 Sioux.

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chinook, helicopter

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