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Default F-18 NWS Hi

Okay I've gone through the manual and haven't seen any talk of this problem I've noticed in the F-18. I have a Thrustmaster Warthog setup and I have the rudder set to the slider on the throttle.

During normal NWS steering the aircraft behaves normally. However if I enable NWS Hi and am either hard over left or right on the rudder the aircraft will start to steer in the correct direction, then slow down to a straight path, then REVERSE the turn to the opposite direction of the input. This happens with wings unfolded on land during taxi and with wings folded on a carrier deck.

Through testing I have found that if I limit the rudder input to roughly 2/3rds or perhaps 3/4ths of what the slider can go to then NWS Hi works just fine.
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You have to turn slowly, otherwise the NWS looses grip and it starts to slide, leading to what you experienced.
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Seems like the tires get very little grip hence what your getting, imo its not correct but we'll see if it every gets fixed.
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