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Did you really say "No VR"? I'm guessing that you've never played DCS in VR.
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Good info! Thanks.

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No, I get it and follow that thread. The thing about any demanding software is that you are playing whack-a-mole with performance bottlenecks. Today, the use of Direct11 forces a bottleneck to draw things on the screen/VR. Vulkan will remove that overhead to a degree. Ironic since this gaming industry started to take off because everyone wrote custom drivers to do just that....go direct to hardware.

But DCS isn't just about drawing things. It's a major component of it, but DCS still has to figure out *what* to draw, when to do it etc. So again, I stand by my comment that OC CPU is always better than regular CPU. Unless you only use NOTEPAD. If done right, there's no harm in OC"ing the CPU. There is a cost to consider, and that's why I said that vulkan will mean you man *not* need the monster rigs.

As for timing, it's a complex piece of code with 3rd party devs. So I stand my my "we won't see it until next year, if that" If you think about the journey of moving to 2.5, you can see all the hiccups that caused delays. Some were reprioritizing because of WWII bailout. But going from one engine to another is time consuming. Basic framwork can be tested easily enough, it's all the content that will give ED heartburn.

But I'm patient, my VR experience is wonderful and things will only get better. So I would be an ingrate if were to DEMAND anything from ED. I'll take it when it's ready.
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Originally Posted by 159th_LoneWolf View Post
So my current rig is coming on almost six years old now, haven't been flying in DCS for some time now because it frankly can't keep up on MP with any sort of respectable FPS
I find it difficult to believe that an i7-7700 + GTX1080Ti givers you such "poor" performance. Maybe consider reinstalling your OS and give the system a complete overhall?
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