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Talking Warning! Humor! A Open letter to Blinky

Good Day Blinky!

Let me begin by apologizing for not writing sooner.
Life gets in the way of flying sometimes,
And now my Gazelle, Tasha, is grounded due to a fault in a mother board.......Sigh....

So how are you?
The family?
I must say you have a striking resemblance to Sven!
(Although I think he got your dads dashing smile! )

I was happy to learn you have not been grounded!
I do look forward to getting in the cockpit with you again!
We did have some great times in the old days.
Having you by my side as I fumbled and crashed was very comforting!

( Yea, sorry about the injuries.......Hope it didn't hurt too much....)
Heck, you look good as new!

I would not want anyone else by my side while flying the Gazelle.
I know, I have left you home a few times......
But it was only to prevent further injuries while I practiced.

Good thing they keep a lot of these Gazelles in stock.......
I have "used up" a few in my day........

Speaking of which,

How much does one of these things cost to replace?
Perhaps you could ask Sven for me.
(Glad I don't have to pay to replace the damaged ones........)

Well, that's all for now.
I should be back in the cockpit soon.
I will be sure to invite you!

Give my best to the family

And tell Sven to keep up the good work!
Take care buddy
I miss you!

"Yeah, and though I work in the valley of Death, I will fear no Evil. For where there is one, there is always three. I preparest my aircraft to receive the Iron that will be delivered in the presence of my enemies. Thy ALCM and JDAM they comfort me. Power was given unto the aircrew to make peace upon the world by way of the sword. And when the call went out, Behold the "Sword of Stealth". And his name was Death. And Hell followed him. For the day of wrath has come and no mercy shall be given."
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Hi Hawkeye,

Blinky is currently not available, so I was asked by him to let you know that he is aware of your letter.
Blinky also told me as a response of the that he made his decision. He will stay with the Gazelle and not transition to a different helicopter in the future. Unfortunately to the refusal of our offer to him we hadto look for new pilots. Luckily we found 2 (real) army helicopter pilots that volunteered. I can not say much, but the good news is, the cockpit will not be a testosterone cabin anymore
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Originally Posted by borchi_2b View Post
...the cockpit will not be a testosterone cabin anymore
<3 <3 <3 <3
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