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Originally Posted by rrohde View Post
Good choice. Those that cannot "hack" early access and what it entails are indeed better off waiting until the final product is out.
How long it will be in EA 2 years 3 Years maybe 5, how many another EA modules release before finishing F18. So what will be next SC and f18 dev again move to SC module. Now in stable they add F16 and F18 still have no crucial features (A/G radar, TWS , pod hud symbology ). So when we can expect "final product" before Hind or after P-47.
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Originally Posted by Arctander View Post
Annnnnd you can forget any money for the Carrier. More ‘later in EA’ nonsense. Finish it. Then ask me for money.
I think you have made your point quite clear about you thoughts on EA, no need to keep posting about, especially when it's clearly offtopic here, if you continue to do this, we will have to start handing out warnings. We have let is slide plenty now.

Please take a moment to review the rules, and if it's not clear, feel free to PM a moderator.
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The lighting of the F16 will arrive next week. Does this mean that the 3D model will be the final version?

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"F/A-18C Hornet features
Aft Pod Antenna Option"

What exactly is meant by this?
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Originally Posted by Zadren View Post
"F/A-18C Hornet features
Aft Pod Antenna Option"

What exactly is meant by this?
It means just like Brave Sir Robin you can turn around and bravely run away while controlling a Man In the Loop weapon like the Walleye or Slam-ER.
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Walleyes will naturally fall behind you anyway once you detach.
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