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So we'll be stuck with clones....guess I won't be making any cinematics then.
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I mean, with time and effort a full squadron skin pack with each MODEX could be done. You'd just need to at least cross check the BuNOs to the MODEX when you can, probably via, and you could at least have planes with line skins and differing MODEX. Then if size is a concern you could bump the DDS down to DXT5 or use other compressions to at least have passable line birds.

Downside, obviously, having to sscccrrrooollllll through every time in order to set up your missions. But if your're doing a lot of LUA mission writing I suppose that can be eased by standardizing your skins file format and some copy/pasta action.

As an example, the 8 "Korea" VF-31 Tomcat skins I made take up about 2 Gigs, high compression zipped, when I used the BC7 compression in DDS tool. Super high quality but very fat. But I plan to do a DXT5 pack that's a lot smaller, so something like a more compressed pack to flesh out the rest of a squadron/wing and not have clones should be helpful no?

The Heatblur templates should make it easy enough. It's just a time/effort/accuracy question, and everyone has different desires as to what they think they want. Accurate MODEX and BuNO but not having the right pilot names, or any pilot names, might be a no-go for some of you guys. Spending time to custom wear each plane so the paint has different variances. All that jazz adds up in terms of time spent but if it's really something desired, it should be doable.

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That's pretty much what we're looking at. For OEF/OIF aircraft, the modex and bunos of all squadrons involved can be seen in the Osprey Publishing books F-14 Tomcat Units of Operation Enduring Freedom and F-14 Tomcat Units of Operation Iraqi Freedom. Canopy names will be problematic, however. For my yet unreleased VF-102 OEF set, I'm leaving this area blank, both because I don't have adequate reference material and because, this being a game, I'm not ever expecting to 100% replication of historical events. We'll be throwing these skins into fictional scenarios. The squadron crews could remain fictional and nameless.
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We'll get to it eventually guys, but atm it causes us problems and time we allocated elsewhere to work on - I will carefully say from our perspective - atm more important things. That said, I did not mean to say that it is not important, of course it is.

Whether we will find a way to change them dynamically, or via one skin per modex number, I cannot say at all yet.
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