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Who's LM?
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Look, you're going to spend your money on something sooner or later. Whether or not that's a product that's got native Vulkan support is questionable at best.

Hurry up and wait, solemnly, patiently, and for the love of a 25 page thread... read the previous days' posts!!
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As much as I understand Vulkan API doesnt mean higher FPS in every situation and every rig.

If you have a low number objects scene ( high altitude , few aircafts and few ground units ) it should run almost other APIs.

If you have a high number objects scene ( low altitude, many aircrafts and ground units , high LOD situation ) Vulkan should give the best.

Can't really tell for the other sim but DCS has a more detailed terrain , high poly ground units and more chance to have a high traffic situation on air , land and sea.
Just imagine a Dynamic Campaign with populated airports , hundreds of aircrafts , SAMs , armors , civil traffic , ships , infantry units , etc.

Vulkan should give a huge boost of performance.
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