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Originally Posted by molevitch View Post
Hi again asims33,

A few pics of my pit, (apologies for img quality). It is a work in progress. As a big Mi-24 fan, I was lucky enough to get a stick and collective lever from a scrapped Hind on eBay, (long story). Same as in the Mi-8 and other Mil helicopters. But I decided that since DCS will produce a Mi-24, I would prepare for that.

The left side wall above the collective has functioning radio switch and dial panels powered by Bodnar boards, while the authentic ARK-15 is running on Arduino and DCS-BIOS. There is a Garmin box too on the right dash, and a Doppler panel at the left knee. As Buckeye has said, muscle memory takes my fingers to the right place every time, and I am sure just like a real pilot, sometimes I have to feel for the right one by relative position. Pushing a button makes the virtual button depress in-cockpit.
I currently mostly fly the Mi-8 and it shared a lot of equipment with the Mi-24, just that the panels are in different places...

I have had loads of fun researching and building this, learned a lot too. And flying in it is just amazing. Some complain that VR is too low-res. The trade off is immersion, which coupled with tactile input actions is just a joy.

Feel free to ask for more info, happy to provide. I keep meaning to create a thread about it on here, but get distracted. Luckily I do take pics of the WIP. I will add flat printed images of dials and such to "decorate" the parts of the pit like the dash, but they do not need to function. Next on my list to build are engine start switches etc.

Thanks for all the info!
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