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Looking at RW Marine AV-8Bs and F/A-18C training at TwentyNine Palms MCAGCC, they appear to be moving fast and low, estimate between 300-500 ft. AGL at release. The MK-82HD, Snakeeyes, and baloote retardation fall quite nicely and accurately. I am not a fan of diving in AV-8B so far. THe CCIP for MK, ZUNI, FFAR, and gun is above , in level flight, of flight path marker. Fastest way to designate wi/o TPOD, is by putting flight path indicator on or near target, designate via DMT TV, which then gives us TDC box. So if I designate in a shallow dive, I then have increase dive angle to bring CCIP pipper on tgt and wait for range indicator que for firing solution. This forces me to either begin rolling onto , undesignated tgt, from higher alt , or cut my burst or salvo , in order to BREAK X escape. Or my A/C is turned into a large TVMAV weapon, if I do not.

However, looking at older films of Marine A-4M and AV-8A from 1970's, aircraft are in a shallow 5 deg dive.
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