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Default English translation attn Dekka

Playing your WiP campaign... no offense but the english could use a lot of work. Im willing to rewrite the current english so it sounds more correct.
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sure, if you would like to help
you can use mizedit to dump out the DEFAULT txt and polish

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ok, Ill ask around to some people to figure out where I can get transcripts of the text, Ill rewrite so it feels more natural. Im not familiar with MIZEDIT but Im sure Ill figure it out. when done Ill ask where to send. I dont want anything, I just want to help.

also Ill put in parenthesis things I dont think really would be used on the radio, perhaps because they can be said much more quickly in Chinese than english (i.e. the we live in troubled times talk after leaving airfield mission #2)
yes Id like to help. I was skeptical of you guys when you first appeared and feel bad, youre getting more done and better at that than everyone else except HB. Im a HB fanboy Im sorry they made the F14 first
if you guys make a - F4/A6 intruder/Su24/ Mi28 (I really want mi24) ill be your slaves. got the contract in writing already lol
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I'm curious as i gave it a go last night. Do you plan to add voice overs? If so i may wait to play the polished verision

Also when it comes to the opening scenes, i find it annoying to have to rewatch it multiple times when the mission is failed. Anyway to skip this?
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