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Any update on this? Any chance it will be fixed for BS3?
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Originally Posted by blunt_waco View Post
I'm not sure if this is related.

Holding trim or using flight director control and trim, the ka-50 never stays at the angle I wanted to be after I let go the trim button.

For example, I pitch down holding trim, stabilize it then let go the trim button. The chopper would keep descending even though I stabilized the chopper at VVI Zero.

Is this what you guys are describing? or what I'm experiencing is user related issue?
Try testing this. Fly level with trim held down WITH collective at max. Then release. Does it pitch up?
Then fly level with trim held down but this time with collective at about 20-30%. Then release. Does it pitch down?
Again, do same thing but this time, with collective at in between like 60-70%. Does it hold steady?

If this is happening, your pitching is coming from your collective. Which I believe is normal but I'm no real Blackshark pilot so I'm not sure if this is expected behavior.

Should the trim button compensate for this pitching from collective too? Again, I don't know but if above is what's happening, then it's your collective.
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