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Thats not whats been said tho.
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Originally Posted by Snoopy View Post
Guess that means Hawk 2.0 isn't happening now? Sucks but I think I understand the reason for leaving.
Read the OP....
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Originally Posted by The Black Swan View Post
Read the OP....
Big difference between fixing bugs and the upgrade, recoding the systems that was talked about.

updated PBR cockpit textures, bug fixes for major systems, bugs recorded internally with ED and any found with future DCS patches as ongoing maintenance.

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I'd also like to know if the Re-Code is still happening or if Hawk is just gonna get some bandaid fixes.
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Originally Posted by SkateZilla View Post
I'd also like to know if the Re-Code is still happening or if Hawk is just gonna get some bandaid fixes.
If it isn't then I think a refund is in order.
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As I've stated before Skate we can't do bandaid fixes to future proof against DCS patches.
Most of the major system have already been re-coded to ensure this.
AHRS is one of the most complex coded systems to be re-coded which is ongoing.
As part of coming out of EA is to meet futureproof DCS updates criteria or it will be stuck in beta forever.
VEAO Refund Policy
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Bummer,I am really wishing your team all the best,If and when The P-40 makes it into DCS World I'll gladly purchase it.
Best of Luck to you all.

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Best of luck with your future projects, and thanks for the awesome support during the Hawk Mach Loop competition!
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I appreciate the news. Much better than being left in the dark. I hope the Hawk turns out as good as it was intended to be. More importantly, I hope to fly the P-40F since I already bought it. But with release of DCS World 2.5 being the benchmark for the earliest possible release date of the P-40F, I understand it will be quite a while before anything meaningful happens.

I don't see myself purchasing products for any other platform. DCS has uniquely provided most of what I have always wanted in a combat flight sim.

I am sorry that DCS development didn't work out and wish VEAO the best in their future endeavors.
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