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View Poll Results: whats your opinion about the "sound radar"?
i like it, please keep it 18 13.85%
i dont like it, dont think its realistic, please get rid of it 112 86.15%
Voters: 130. You may not vote on this poll

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I ran a poll a few months back and most people voted Yes on the status quo... Utterly ridiculous

On no my bad we won in the end

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9./JG27 DavidRed+
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really? well lets see how this poll turns out then...but i really cant believe that people would want the sound radar for the ww2 birds...it might not play a big role on modern modules, but when its about ww2 combat, it completely destroys a big part of realistic tactics used.

EDIT: you are completely right about the ingame audio sliders...as much as i appreciate options, these dont make much sense imo, as the sound engineers should just create realistic sounds, and give us 1slider for volume...not x different ones, where we could theoretically turn down cockpitsounds completely and turn the one for the outside sounds completely up...never tried it, but im sure that way the sound-radar would be even more obvious than it already is...you might hear them taking off from their airfield when you just spawned on yours

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The Black Swan
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I haven't tested it, but does the in helmet sound option help this?
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^^no! it just makes the sounds even more dull(for the lack of a better word) where its harder to hear different rpm settings for example...unfortunately, it doesnt help with the soundradar.
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[x] i dont like it, dont think its realistic, please get rid of it

Sound radar - being able to hear aircraft approach over the sound of my own engine is utterly unrealistic imo in DCS and has a major negative impact on air to air combat. Makes surprise attacks all but impossible with no effort if opponents' have their sound on. I don’t buy this as a “feature” for those who say they can’t check their six properly, while I have sympathy this is a sim.
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I also think that should be fixed.
Even outside of a cockpit, at airshows with props you can tell that when something as loud as a P-51 Mustang engine starts up less than 50m away from you, you almost can't hear a AN-2 at full takeoff power 200m away from you. It is much worse for the pilot.
So as (almost) always I vote for the more realistic option.

Determine if sim is in internal view, determine if engine is running. If both statements are true, mute every sound from outside that happens more than 50m away, probably with the exception of explosions or sonic booms.
That may not be really realistic either (almost nothing in the sim is, and that's ok), but it is at least more believable.

Does that hamper situational awareness?
Yeah, sure, as it should. Planes are loud. If you don't turn your head (and plane if necessary) and look around you are doing it wrong.
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Originally Posted by The Black Swan View Post
I haven't tested it, but does the in helmet sound option help this?
No, because it is optional, so the guy u are attacking might have it off, not to mention it still let's the external sound through and makes you loose some fidelity of sounds of your own airplane
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It is pretty silly to hear another prop plane from inside of another.

Once I did hear some aircraft from inside another, but I was inside a 737 at idle holding ahort and the other planes were F-16's taking off really close with full afterburner. Yeah, in that situation, you'd hear them.

A P-51 sneaking up behind a FW-190, who's pilot is sitting a few feet behind a V-12 at 2600 RPM at high altitude? Probably not.

If we're going for realism, there is only one correct option.

I feel bad for people trying to spot targets...I'm one of them. But, hey, TrackIR sells for a reason and we don't have an auto-padlock key for people who don't own one.

Go real or go home, as they say...or at least go to War Thunder or Ace Combat.

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