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Default Some advice needed

Hi, here the situation.

Right now I`m not having too much space in my PC Disk, (I have a Kingston SSD of 450 gb space).
Ive got DCS 1.5 installed (being the Spit, Dora, 109 and M2000 the main addons I really like to fly, online or offline).
Now, I undersatand that Normandy map requires DCS 2.0 which I still dont have installed, and that this would require a separate install.
If I make the decition to switch to DCS 2.0, I would have to uninstall 1.5 and have 2.0 along with Nevada, Normandy + Assets, and the addons I already named.

I would really appreciate your advice and if this would be a good decition (switching to 2.0 and erasing 1.5) specially considering online play and general play and performance matters.

My spces are:
Intel I7 4790K, Ge force 970, 16 gb (kingston 1333mhz) ram, MoBo Gigabyte Z97X-UD3H.

Thx in advance.
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First of all, are you aware of how big the 2.1.1 with mentioned maps and assets is. Roughly about twice the size of complete 1.5.7, so that's something to keep in mind in your situation.

As for the MP, 2.1.1 online scene is almost non-existent, partially because of Nevada map not being well suited for it, partially because of Normandy map being still rather unoptimized, while WWII assets are "few and far between", at least for now.

Also, with rendering changes introduced in 2.1.1, the game looks better, but hardware requirements are higher and performance is mediocre at best. Powerful cards might have a bit of an edge over 1.5.7, as they're utilized better, but your 970 would probably be strained quite a lot.

Personally I wouldn't be in hurry to switch just yet.
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Buy a bigger drive, or another one.
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Agree ... best option is to add a second SSD ... or if not enough budget even a traditional HDD would do, you could move over to it the less critical in order to leave space on the SSD for the two DCS versions.

As a guide, I have 2.1 with both Nevada, Normandy and the Assets Pack ... it uses 77 GB; while 1.5 with Caucasus and almost every DLC uses 38 GB.

Of course, the space that DCS uses on the Saved Games folder can be quite large, on my setup I use about 20 GB for both versions of DCS ... most of them are skins.
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