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Yeah, the only reason I was using a laptop in the first place was due to space restrictions and the fact I was traveling alot.

I considered an ITX form factor for a replacment as space is at a premium for me, but decided that it had too many drawbacks compared to a regular desktop case (not being able to fit certain GFX cards, harder to cool etc) and I just found/made the space.
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Biggest problem with the really high end laptops is the GPU is often soldered into the heat sink as is the CPU slot. Heat management as we know is the issue. I have a made 3XS 17.3 Carbon extreme laptop. 4K screen to output to large 4K monitors, 8700 CPU and 1080 GPU. Love it and outstanding gaming rig, but the power block is the size of a real house brick and the machine weighs 4.5kg!!!

Worst bit is to upgrade to 2080 GPU means replacing the chassis as it’s hard wired in. Still considering it as I can swap everything else over and sell it on. I didn’t know this when I bought it soca little annoyed! Amazing with the Rift S though.
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Hi Maverick

Not sure if I'm too late but I had the same thoughts as you and ended up with a Mini ITX case from Lian Li pc-q38/ and had a few "issues" to think about but at the end it turned out to be working very well.
Just space is very limited and I had some issues with the GPU (only 2 slots high possible) and although it told me that a 240 AiO fits without problem that does just apply to some specific models as height (radiator together with the fans) was an issue again.
After starting with pure air cooling one year later I installed a water cooling to OC the CPU to 4.9GHz.
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