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Originally Posted by Snacko View Post
Interesting!! Never heard of that before.
Vertical mice have been around for years and from almost any company that makes mice. Some people find that they are more comfortable to use. I have one in my collection but haven't used it in years.
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Never heard of them too. Quite interesting indeed.

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Prolly easier to find in VR
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Originally Posted by John C Flett View Post
While everybody else focuses on the HW I'd like a better look at that Hornet painting on your wall.

Very nice. I struggle to find military / aviation art myself. Can we get a better photo and maybe tell us who the artist is?
Going from memory, but that painting looks an awful lot like the one used as box art for the Falcon 3.0 Hornet addon circa mid-90s.
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Wags ,
Nice setup !
Culd u please gave us more information about the setup of the primary system ?
Such like brends and models and etc...

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What voltage is your i9 9900K running at? Aren't 5.1 GHz gonna destroy it after only few months?
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Originally Posted by DanielNL View Post
What voltage is your i9 9900K running at? Aren't 5.1 GHz gonna destroy it after only few months?

I am using mine at stock voltage..5.1Ghz and it is always cool. But i have a big aio liquid with a 360 rad and 6 vents
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Do you ever just fly and have hours of fun or are you so imbued with it all that you think of it as work all the time?

I hope that makes sense?
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