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Originally Posted by Vatikus View Post
Thank you Yo-Yo for taking time... I am sure you know that kinematics of K elevator is different, but anyways.. even if we ignore this, the main question in this topic is rather about virtual pilot's ability for achieving rate of flight stick deflection - at what threshold stick force rate cannot be matched with our joystick's? The question which follows is, how come only WW2 birds have such pilot model while jet do not in DCS? I can pull instant 18kg (max pull) in DCS F18.
If you think that there is a different equation than Archimed invented b1/b2 = f2/f1 or you can extend the 109 cockpit space for K...
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Default Damping versus cutting

I allways liked the damping method over the current cutting method of the stick forces.
But I was in the minority.

I know the reasons why people were against it, it doesnt have to be said again.

I just had a better feeling with the plane, as with active stick (not crazy active, just small probing) you felt how much you were dampened, and it gave me feedback about speed aswell.

Havent flown the bird much after the change, just cant get the feeling of alive plane.

I wish we could choose between the methods. thats all.

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