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My MiG-15 is so fun and raw

Be aware that every speed change requires trim change!
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Originally Posted by AeriaGloria View Post
My MiG-15 is so fun and raw

Be aware that every speed change requires trim change!
Same as with any airplane that doesn't have a computer trimming itself to 1G......
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He was honest about his feelings and asked questions. I don't think he needs to apologize. But I can empathize with where he is coming from after flying a bit more lately. But I also know that my hardware IS part of the problem. My worn out HOTAS Cougar makes it difficult to fly well around the center point due to the worn out clunky gimbals, heavy stick, and spikey pots. This gets exaggerated when you start dogfighting at low speeds. The swept wing fighters get real unstable around these speeds. It can be very frustrating to lose roll authority or get pump and dump pitch because you are so slow. But that is what's happening. Advice to stay ahead and anticipate the aircraft is good. It take s practice and can be done. I am finding my landings go much smoother when I stay a little hot and don't flare as hard, just like the intro tells you to. What I really want is some kick butt .50 cals that have a higher muzzle velocity than a 20mm cannon or .303 pea shooter. Also, moving your camera point up in the cockpit helps in heavier g dogfights. Screw the pipper and watch your tracers. with a bit more room to see over the nose you can hose a MiG a bit better. It takes practice and you need to map the up and down buttons.

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Hey OP, I totally understand your post! I had the very same problems!!! Pitching and porpoising, can't get a shot off because of shitty bouncing around! Yes, I understand!!! This is what I did:

I had a crappy HOTAS system and upgraded to the Thrustmaster 16000M with throttle... It made a huge difference to my flights, not only in the Sabre and Mig-15, but also with the Harrier, it is the best bang for your buck as the controller for the stick is the same as the warthog, bit with a less expensive build. I also edited the control curves for the AXIS in the aircraft control menus and set my trim on the stick china hat. You can make them tone down the curves and make a more stable flight, adjust to taste.

I really hope this helps. I received the same responses from people not understanding these issues as they used their $800 warthog HOTAS systems.

I did feel your pain at one time! I really hope this helps you enjoy these aircraft more.
Also note that they are still not perfect but hugely better than before!

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Not going to help, but the F-86 flies well here.

There are a few quirks with the sim (not flight model) but otherwise is very enjoyable to fly.

As above, check your axis are only assigned once, and all others are CLEARED.

Add curves to all axis, and a dead-zone to rudder.

Keep the engine spooled above 70% on approach and minimum speed is 150 kts.

She's not easy to fly well, but good as long as you keep the speed in check, trim, and anticipate trim changes due to flaps and gear.

I think of it as a jet-powered Cessna.
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