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Your problem isn't so much from inside-out tracking, but rather the tracking specifically of WMR. Rift S uses the same method but with better algorithms gets pretty solid tracking. In fact compared to my original CV1Rift, I would say the Rift S tracking is just as good and even better in some areas of the room where camera coverage was spotty.

The major downsides to inside-out tracking though are: Dark or featureless rooms, and controller occlusion. The Index, while still inside-out, gets around the first problem because the lighthouse stations provide IR beacons that can be seen in pure darkness.
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One other thing that most people will not realize is not about the tracking system, but the importance of mechanical IPD adjustment.

Below is an article from Palmer Luckey himself, who states that the Rift S will only work for 70% of the population (other headsets with fixed IPD screens would also apply).
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I have both the original Rift and the Rift S.

My original Rift never lost track. Once I started a game and set my initial calibrated reference position, I had flawless tracking.

The Rift S tracking is pretty good, too. But sometimes, it randomly shifts to an offset forward and left of where my head is. All I have to do is put my head back in the default position and hit the appropriate calibration key, but I never, ever had this happen with the Rift and its two sensors once the sensors were set up correctly.

The Rift S also periodically forgets its guard zone settings as if I had plugged it in for the first time. I have to stop and set the floor level and safety boundaries before I can go any further.

But there are always tradeoffs: with the Rift S, I don't have to tie up so many USB ports or worry about the sensors moving from their calibrated positions. Setting up the safety boundaries is also much quicker/easier then the original Rift. If I could combine the best features of both, it would be a pretty good headset for the current tech generation.

The graphics are so much better with the Rift S, that I am probably going to stick with it over the original Rift. Pass-through vision is also a fantastic benefit of the inside out tracking system.
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Originally Posted by Vullcan View Post
Yes, but thats all being done by the headset, the headset is using the lasers and the timing of their pulses to calculate where it is realitive to the base stations. The base stations are not tracking anything "outside in", like for example the oculus rift cv1 cameras.
As a distinciton of tracking method, that certainly falls into what "outside-in" is. Lasers come from OUTside, INto the headset.

With WMR, for example, cameras INside, the headset look OUTwards.

Its just a marketting term for "needs basestations" not a technical term for a specific method, it doesnt have to be 100% technically accurate in all contexts, and it doesnt mean that there is nothing in the headset looking outwards, its just the name for the category that happened to form.
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This is a tech subforum for enthusiasts pushing the envelope in an niche simulation, were all fairly educated or we wouldn't have made it past the 670 page A10 manual.

Yes we're speaking technically, screw marketing BS. There is no outside tracking being done by the lighthouses.
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