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1 Calendar Day 3 0.69%
3 Calendar Days ( Current System Under Evaluation ) 7 1.60%
7 Calendar Days 29 6.64%
14 Calendar Days 44 10.07%
21 Calendar Days 10 2.29%
30 Calendar Days ( Once a Month ) 154 35.24%
60 Calendar Days 11 2.52%
90 Calendar Days 207 47.37%
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Old 12-24-2017, 06:34 PM   #641
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Good news!
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Merry Christmas to all.
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Old 12-25-2017, 08:30 AM   #643
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Happy to see your turn back to better solutions. The flight simulation isn't "Call of Duty" and address less people than a blockbuster playable on video consoles by people from seven to ninety old. Just to say that people using the flight simulation are not a majority and the risk to see your work pirated is absolutly minimal.

With the DRM, I feel like if I had thrown my money in a well. If, as you say, you allow a single mode like the offline steam mode, all is OK for me. Now, i stay careful until seeing in real the materialization of your decision. I will not miss to do the test, when it will be effective, by unplugging my internet cable.

And I wish to ED team and all users, a merry Christmas.
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Old 12-27-2017, 12:55 PM   #644
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Wags, Thank you for updating us on ED's current thinking on this one and i welcome this idea very much. Looking forward to a proper explication of everything related to the new protection system. Makes me anticipate the F/A 14/18 much more
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Old 12-29-2017, 08:36 PM   #645
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Sounds promising. Very excited to hear how this will be implemented
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Originally Posted by Wags View Post
After a lot of deliberation and technical investigation, we will PROBABLY offer an Offline mode, similar to Steam.
I will reserve judgement until the word 'probably' is replaced by 'will'!
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Originally Posted by cichlidfan View Post
I will reserve judgement until the word 'probably' is replaced by 'will'!

However, good Christmas news.
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Originally Posted by cichlidfan View Post
I will reserve judgement until the word 'probably' is replaced by 'will'!
Happy though that at least for now it's going in the right direction. Awaiting further news.
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Any update on a decision from ED on this yet ?
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Well, I'll say what I've said before.

DRM on this sim is WAY OVERBLOWN.

This isn't Call of Crap or ARMA. There aren't 30 million pirates plotting to pirate this sim. I can count on 1 finger the number of people I know who play flight sims. Me. And I'm a hardcore gamer. :p

No 12 year old pirate is going to try to steal a game that has a 700 page instruction manual. Anyone that does is going to fire it up, scream and curse trying to play it, and then toss it off their drive. As I recall, I think someone cracked A-10C years ago. It was a total failure. NO ONE wanted it.

Just put it on Steam like Arma, Call of Crap, Battlefield, and all the other Big Studio games do. It will be fine. No one is going to pirate it. You'll probably end up with a lot more customers.

Why are you so worried about kids who would never have bought from you anyway? Please your Real Customers by not overdoing the Copy Protection.

The cost of Hotas joysticks, MFDs, TrakIR, etc. alone will stop any piracy, as they really are needed to play this sim decently. Pirates are poor and won't bother spending on anything greater than a mouse.

Originally Posted by grunf View Post
I, for one, am happy we're getting rid of starforce!

THIS! I FREAKIN HATE Starfarce. Every time even the tiniest thing changes on my machine, I have to go looking for my Keys. It's REALLY ANNOYING!

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