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Originally Posted by mkiii View Post
I use the paddle switch for intermittent braking, using the W command, "Wheel Brakes" as in the real thing, but also use the TMS Up and Down buttons to control "Wheel Brakes Increase" & "Wheel Brakes Decrease", to allow me to set the position of the brake lever to any position for either full parking brake or just a little. A quick touch of the brake lever releases the brakes from this setting immediately. It works quite well imo.
I was just going to add that tip about the wheelbrake increase/decrease command.

I have it mapped to the CMS Fwd/Back but wherever is comfortable for you. It's also a great way to apply the brakes during landing once rudder authority has decreased to zero, a quick flip and the brakes are on.

As a virtual pilot, I understand the "Haul it Back" brigade but as mentioned it's not necessary and IMHO makes little difference.

I don't even have the stick back on take off, following YoYo's advice and the Spit flies herself off without any problem.

Action on the rudder can get quite busy, but apart from that no problem
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Aside from keeping the tail down in general during taxiing, the more weight on the tail wheel the better it stayed straight:

Full Thread here: Engine Boost Control + Ground Handling

Originally Posted by NightRush View Post
Ground Handling

Tail Wheel Castering
Tail wheel, currently in game the aircraft's tail wheel behaves like a shopping cart; in that is has reduced or no centering force to bring the tail-wheel aligned under the fuselage centerline. So what is happening in sim, the aircrafts tail refuses to stay behind the main wheels even when centered, and no external force is added (Power applications or wind)

In real life, while it is true the tail wheel is free-castering that is not the full story. The tailwheel design has a built in weight and geometry centering. I will do my best to describe it here with images and words.

The first is the weight/geometry holding the tailwheel centered. The axis that the tail wheel rotates through horizontally is on a tilted plane. Unlike say a shopping cart where the wheel rotates in a plane parallel with the ground, the wheel has a high point and a low point in its travel.

What this means is for the tail wheel to move from its centered position, there needs to be enough side load to compress the tail wheel oleo strut to effectively raise the tail. As the contact patch of the tail wheel rotates to say 180 degrees to centreline, the angled plane mean the wheel is in a "lower" position that when it started from its trail position. (See next picture) Please note that the image is showing the tail wheel oleo uncompressed, ie no weight on the wheel (and also those sweet sweet photoshop skills)

This means the tail wheel has oleo compression force centering the tailwheel once there is forward movement. Ontop of which any elevator and prop blast forces needed to be added to this as well.

The other centering force thats acting on the tail wheel is simply the wheels axis is behind the yawing axis/horizontal plane. This trail force naturally makes the tail wheel want to be behind the rotating (castering) axis due to friction.

What this means in practice with the above two scenarios, is as the aircraft starts rolling forward the tail wheel naturally wants to allign itself with the center line of the fueslage. However in game, we currently have a tailwheel that wonders around aimlessly. It however does feel like it has some centering force as ground speed increases and elevator loads hold the tail wheel to the ground. But its at the slow speeds where the tail wheel should have a little bit more natural centering force. Once the aircraft is at a walking pace, brakes should only be required to turn the aircraft, not keep it straight (in a zero wind scenario)

I'm still wondering if ED actually modeled this.

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Good explanation, Orso, and it makes sense (as much sense as British engineering ever makes sense).

Would also request devs to confirm it actually is modeled.
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I originally modded the FM\FMOptions.lua file for the spit to alter the friction of the tail wheel castor via this
tailGearAxleFricM0f = 35.0 -- Original 11.0

...amongst other things.. which improved it for me at least.
Also these, the top one making it less like a power ball bounce:-
tailGearSpringForceFactor = 11000000 .-- Original 17000000
tailGearStaticForce = 6000 -- Original 3000

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