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Originally Posted by cthulhu68 View Post
Yes. Just think of it as a two step process that keeps repeating.
Add new content or fixes to Beta and see how it works. Once problems are ironed out move the build to release version. Next Beta version would then include fixes to previous version and once again add more content or fixes. etc. etc. ...

In my first post I said both versions would be same but in hindsight that's not really the case. The release version should of course have improvements ovr Beta. My point was they'd probably just be concentrating on performance issues and bug fixes and not add new content so both versions will be similar, not the same.
Well... in most software dev the beta versions gets changed and hacked around as bugs are fixed and new features are added. It changes rapidly and when the beta testers stop whinging, the beta is released to Stable and the normal users get what the beta testers have been using. I'd predict that 2.5 won't be getting new features for a while because there will be a load of bugs to be squished. Most projects will release a big version and then feature freeze to get rid of the inevitable bugs that come from large changes.

Being a beta tester can be fun but you can't complain if you download a new beta version and suddenly your controls are inverted or your chosen module runs like a dog.

If you're running stable, you get the new stuff when it's ready but (hopefully) not before. Usually the current stable is just the same as the last beta version before release because the devs don't want to introduce untested changes to the release version.

Of course, this is just my experience of other beta programs - who knows how those crazy ED coders work?

edit: sorry cthulhu68, forgot this board doesn't do nested quotes.

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