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Default Aircraft rolls to the left?

Hi chaps. I'm finding the spit rolls to the left something fierce. I'm using the Logitech 3D pro. Not sure if I'm doing something wrong? I haven't played this game in a while.
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Rudder Trim ?
Set to the right a bit to counteract prop torque.
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rolling when ? torque ?

Attitude Power Trim Power Attitude Trim

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IThe spit has a lot of torque. For instance, on takeoff you better apply a bit of right aileron to counteract it, and as kozmyk wrote, you'll have to trim the aircraft in flight.
There is no aileron trim, and yes I've found that with the slip indicator centered, the Spit tends to bank slowly left, due to the torque of the engine (as expected). You can stop it applying a bit mor of right rudder trim.

The torque is VERY noticeable on slow speed and high power settings. Be smooth with your throttle inputs.
On prop airplanes with powerful engines, not applying sudden burst of power at low speeds is very important, both in the Sim and IRL. It is dangerous, and there has been a lot of accidents caused by it.

Anyway, check your controller input. Go to the axis configuration> Axis tune and look for spikes when moving the joystick

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Rudder trim is quite sensitive, only a click will make a huge difference. You have to use it, definitely, just be careful on the amount and how quickly you apply as it can make the Spit unflyable .

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