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or perhaps just aim short if they always drop long and vice versa
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About the popping nose wheel. Do not hold the wheel brake for long at a time. Brake in shorter bursts, max 4 seconds at a time, let it rest for 2 seconds repeat.

Also, make sure you are not pulling the drag chute before the nose wheel has settled fully on the ground or the nose wheel will impact pretty hard when the chute opens.
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Thanks everyone. I'm getting a little better, but still practicing. I think I'll make a custom campaign so that I don't have to listen to the talking every time. I also feel that this is a great simulator so I should learn basic flight on it.
I will definitely start trying the touch and go practice.

I may have discovered part of the tire popping though. I have my rudder assigned to my T16k hotas paddle and it's a little sensitive. Very easy to over apply. I think I simetimes over apply when I'm drifting to the side after touch down which might put the tire side ways and pop it.

Ithink I'm getting closer to nailing this.
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In the axis assign menu, click "axis tune" at the bottom of the page while you have your rudder input selected and set a nice big curve on the rudder axis. At least 20-40ish. Although i could see using higher with the limited range of twist sticks. It will make the center of the axis much less touchy, although as you get closer to full deflection it will be a little more touchy. You rarely need full deflection on the rudder surface for any virtual plane however.

I even have to do this with full range pedals because they're otherwise way too touchy. .. the necessity of doing so for a twist stick is likely much more apparent.

And if for some reason it's not the ruddur turning the nosehweel causing the tire popping, I'd be with the other posters that it's the brakes. Basically a button simulating what is actually an axis IRL. Tap tap tap. Never hold.
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I think I got my landings with the SU-25T now. Been able to do touch and go, come back around and then land without any drama or popped tires. The Robert Sogomonian videos are excellent and I've learned a lot. I still need to finish the series, but I definitely will.
zhukov032186 suggestion about practicing touch-and-goes was excellent too. And Headwarp thanks for the suggestion on doing "axis tune" on my rudder/wheel control. I've set it to 25 and it's working much better.

I think in the end it was a mixture of things from my rudder/wheel control to needing to pulsing my brake button (since I don't have a brake axis lever), and general lack of finesse with my landings.

I'm going to keep practicing and working through both the built in and Sogomonian tutorials. I want to eventually be able to work up to doing carrier landings with the SU-33 and doing touch and goes from a carrier
thanks everyone

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*wipes tear, sniffle* They grow up so fast...
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Since you have FC3, you might find it easier to learn how to fly using the F-15 as it's a far more friendly plane handling wise :-)

Of course I think the best thing to do is just fly the plane you like the best, you'll get a feel for it all faster than you think.
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As others have said, learning to fly through the Su-25T is a tough way to start. I found the Su-27 easier (although you need to be careful not to increase your dive angle when bombing or you wind up bombing yourself), it allowed me to apply what I had learned of cockpit and HUD symbology, and it has interactive training very similar to the Su-25T. Knowledge you gain flying the Su-27 should be easy to apply to the Su-33.
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Mentioning Robert S's tutorials, and in support of zhukov032186's sage advice, make sure you learn to coordinate your turns with the rudder and slip indicator as in Robert's 2nd or 3rd vid - and practice, practice, practice. Muscle memory in fundamental skills is your friend on all vectors.
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