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Default Where to buy donwloable version of FLAMING CLIFFS


I own some modules of DCS, Flaming Cliffs 3 between them. But i'd love to install Flaming Cliffs 1 , i still fly (and enjoy) the first Lock On. Even Flanker 2.51.

Whe i get to http://www.lockon.ru/en/shop/, i find that the product has been discontinued, even when is a downloable product.

Can anyone help me? is there any other e-shop where buying FC1 i still possible?

Thanks a lot!
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Ubisoft Store ( https://uplay.ubi.com/ ), MIGHT still have it,

i know it's no longer on Steam.


Not sure where to purchase a digital Key as it's no longer supported.

You can try eBay
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Hi D'Ace
I'm pretty sure i have a boxed copy of Lock On lying about I no longer need, if you still can't find one I'm happy to post you mine. Just let me know and I can get it sorted before the Holiday post goes mad.
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I'm pretty sure he's after the boxed edition of Flaming Cliffs if I'm not mistaken. There were no downloadable versions as I recall, only patches until Version 2.0.

@O.P.~ Be VERY careful if you DO manage to find a retail as they have limited activations/deactivations as all ED products do.
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You'll have problems with the Starforce protection, too.

Make sure you get the info on that before installing and update it properly, or you will get very frustrated.

I don't know if it's possible to use that Starforce update for Win 10, but I currently have it working okay on Win 7 SP1.

Edit - oh, look what I just found:


Edit-edit: There's also Lock On Gold:


Saw it on Amazon US, too.

and according to some older posts here on this forum, you can get it to work on Win 10.
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