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Default I used too Play...


Well, I use to play alot of BF3 and Arma III, now I had to stop playing BF3 after several years of doing lots of FPS..

But suddenly just two weeks ago...bam, out of no where I get this Global Ban notification...from " un-Even Balance " I appealed it and nothing doing..is a scam...folks...between EA/Dice and Even Balance

I have never cheated..and they are accusing me of so...

Their reply is if you wish to continue to play you have to purchase another CD key...there is the scam...

Cause they don't really come out and say you are cheating there is no re-course...also EA/Dice wash their hands of the Cheat detector..system..which also makes it hard for any actions...

My recourse now is to never ever purchase a product by EA/Dice and is cheat monitored by " un-Even Balance " I'd advise the same for anyone else..
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IL2 Sturmovik, Battle of Stalingrad, Battle of Moscow, Battle of Kuban.
The best flight sim for VR.
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Enderal - Skyrim total conversion and Hitman 2016
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In order to have an excuse to stay away from Alien: Isolation, I started NieR: Automata and so far I like it a lot!
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Originally Posted by Gladman View Post
I finished Titanfall 2 the other day. Absolutely excellent game.
Same, and totally agree. Great game. Have now spent another 20+ hours with the Frontier Defense mode (4 player co-op horde mode), which is also fun.

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Games?!? I only do sims DCS mostly, with some light-hearted RoF silliness thrown in every now and then.
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20 years ago I was in the top 1% of Unreal Tournament players. Loved the series to death & played literally thousands of hours. Don't have the necessary reactions for that sort of game any more so these days mostly RPG's & DCS. Currently playing & very much enjoying Pillars of Eternity 2, at least between flights
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DCS & Squad for me.
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Dirt Rally, Assetto Corsa, IL-2.
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