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Default Bug mission 8

During the mission none of the Events actually happend.
I got the text message for CDU failure and so on but everything stayed operational and no failure appeared.
I could apply the solutions of reacon Stewards video and was fine.

For the landing task there is a problem.
As soon as you go to manual reversion in 2.5 the plane starts to flips left right uncontrollable.
In the comments of the video many people complained about this beeing bugged out but as no one wrote here....i do so.

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Ok thanks for reporting that. We will retest and see if we can reproduce it.

In manual reversion you can't use the joystick to control flight only the trim.

Just checked the amplified checklist and there is this note related to manual reversion:

"Restrain stick to lateral neutral while actuating flight control mode switch"

I suspect if your joystick is not centered then it could cause what you are describing.

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Hey thanks for the fast reply. Sorry my english isn´t the best to explain the issue exactly.
If you go to the recon steward video you might find it better explained by the others.
It´s the 3. or 4. post with >10 answers. I´ll check the joystick axis and report if it changes anything thought.
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